Roscoe Update

Roscoe has cataracts. His adopters emailed their adoption counsleor, Brooke, with an update that she passed to the Broken Tail Rescue email group.

Roscoe, now named Poe, has been getting along with his new playmate, a gray cat just the same color as his sister, whom I still have. They run around the new owners’ apartment and play at night, keeping them up. What a surprise! Just like at my place!

But I guess they took him for a checkup and the vet noticed cataracts. The vet said that due to his young age, he should be checked out by an opthalmologist. He now has an appointment pending.

Sometimes, when I think back on it now, I remember that his eyes were often not reflective in the dark like my other cats’ eyes. I can find black cats, like my Pearl, in dim lighting by their eyes. Roscoe sometimes was invisible to me.

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