Cindy – Attacked and Almost Friendly

Two mornings ago, I woke up and opened my eyes and looked across the room, and there was Cindy staring at me. Yesterday morning, I opened my eyes and she was right next to the bed and staring at me. This morning, I heard her meow-complaint from the kitchen and called to her. She came up. I played with the long wand–the former handle of the DaBird–off the edge of the bed and when I “shushed” my finger and thumb together, she came to me. I wanted to pet her but reaching out from the side of the bed is too scary for her.

I dozed off and got up again and played with her and was able to pet her. She ran to the shushing sound of my thumb and finger several times. She will sniff my hand, avoid it with her head, and then present her back for pets. It’s Stage 2 of accepting pets. And she purrs.

Yet, Wave got his claws into her again last night. There was a lot going on: I was catching up on podcasts, doing laundry, doing dishes, going back and forth. I was in the bedroom when I heard the sounds start up. After shouting “No!” twice, Wave backed off and moved to a different room entirely. Cindy might go to a foster in Massachusetts with Broken Tail Rescue, soon. She will take the spot of a shy kitten named Mustard, when Mustard gets adopted. (He’s from a litter called the Condiment Kittens.)

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