I have been feeding a cat that lives under someone’s porch, two blocks down from me. She is a super fluffy long haired black cat. She has a streak of brown on one thigh. She’s shy if I stand up, but now that I’ve been bringing food, she headbutts me and lets me pet her cheeks and back.

I saw her very often when I was taking my evening walks to the park. That’s one reason walks around the neighborhood are so good–you see things and get to know people and maybe can help out. The woman who is her caretaker now was on her porch one time with the kitty. I smiled and said, “I love your feline companion!” She replied back, “Do you want her?”

This is a complicated question! Kitty-Kitter gets dry food and water from her caretaker, and she sleeps under the porch at night. Her caretaker has three cats and another just recently passed away. One cat has severe allergies. She can’t take in another cat. Last winter Kitty-Kitter slept in the basement of an old house that is demolished now.

I’m going to take her in and at the very least give her a spa month or two.

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