Cindy and Wave: October 11, 2018

Things aren’t getting any better. I was cleaning and having a grand old time in the kitchen. The cats get more used to people noise because I listen to World Cafe on the radio from 9-10 and I clean. I intermittently play and say hi to them. But the activity can often stir up Wave, one of the two who I call “cowardly bullies.”

At some point I noticed Cindy was not in her kitchen carrier where she hangs out. The carriers are her safe spots and I leave the doors open. As soon as I noticed that, I heard the sound of rampaging and a slamming sound–either Wave slamming into her small carrier in the living room or her hitting the fireplace with the board in the front, which is what’s behind that carrier. I got into the living room just in time to see Wave with about an inch-piece of fur hanging from his mouth.

I gave him a time out in the bedroom but he’s more curious than ever about Cindy’s two carriers, like he almost thinks he can go in them too. So far he hasn’t done this. If he did, it would be a disaster.

Positives: I petted Cindy in the morning and at night, and today was the first day she saw a finger approach her cheek and let it stroke her cheek. The Cat Coordinator from Broken Tail knows and Cindy will be moving back to Massachusetts when a spot opens up.

Kitty-Kitter update: I am bringing Kitty-Kitter to the apartment tomorrow!

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