Cindy Moved to the Bedroom

I’m moving Cindy to the bedroom/bathroom area to see if I can keep her away from Wave and also get her scent in a new location. After it is fully scented, then they can trade places to get used to each other more.

I saw the whole process tonight–how an attack happens. Cindy was innocently drinking water. She did not hear Wave come up behind her. He did, and he was so cautious I wanted to let him continue until something changed. He sniffed her side near her butt. She still didn’t realize he was doing anything. He sniffed her butt. That was it! She turned around and saw where the gentle poke was coming from, and in utter fear, tried to bolt.

Of course, he was right there, so the attack and the squalling happened. It was like he was saying, “you’re staying with me–like it or not!”

This used to happen less frequently. The everyday scenarios beg that I move her. And I have.

Kitty-Kitter update: I thought I might get her tonight but my neighbor and I are now planning for next week.

5 thoughts on “Cindy Moved to the Bedroom

    1. Hi Marc-Andre! I just looked this up and it sounds wonderful. I ordered some. My mother and aunt are big fans of using herbals for calming for us people, now I’ll try it for my cats. My plan so far was to “catify” by adding a climbing post and additional seat to the wall but those are still on order and then I’ll need someone to help me drill.

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      1. I hope it helps. 🙂 We used it for all of our new cat intros and it worked well for us so fingers crossed it’ll help you too. ❤

        And yes toys and climbing areas will be good as well.


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