Kitty-Kitter is Felv/FIV Negative!

The vet came on Thursday–shout-out to–and it only took one day for Kitty-Kitter’s result from her SNAP test. Dr. Weston and the attending tech both were delighted with Kitty-Kitter’s personality. She even let them shave a little bit of belly to see if she had a spay scar (she did).

Now I’ve got the choice to integrate her, but I’m not sure how. I just let her walk around the bedroom, which is attached to her bathroom. Another cat started fretting to get in, and I chickened out; maybe Kitty-Kitter and I both chickened out, because she ran back towards the bathroom and I closed the door.

I got my pet remedy and at first wasn’t sure where to spritz it. I have sprayed some in the favorite cat tower dishes, on the chair, etc.

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