Cindy Update and Kitty-Kitter Update

Cindy has left the bedroom. I’ve never seen a cat hate one room so much! Saturday night I had my boyfriend, Clay, over, and some other people. At the end of the night, we retired to the bedroom after consuming a bunch of wine. Clay was a (fairly) new person for Cindy, so she stayed under the lowest dish of the cat tower while we talked and watched videos. As soon as he fell asleep, she was at the door meowing.

What do you want, Cindy? Do you want to go out there because you forgot that Wave is your nemesis and he’s out there? Or because you used to like to hang out in and on your carrier under the table at the side of the kitchen and watch me wash dishes?

If I played with her, she was okay. But then she’d start up again. I let her out Sunday, then repeated the process today when I went to work. She wanted to come right back out this evening. She went to the tallest cat tower, next to one of my skinny windows in the living room. She situated herself on the second tray. That seemed like a very good sign but then she went into the living room carrier aka hiding spot.

Here’s what happens with Cindy: playing, then afraid. The other cat is Iris.

Cindy’s small play session

Kitty-Kitter is here! She is in the bathroom. She did not like coming over from my neighbor’s porch to my house, but after an original meow festival in the bathroom with me she went right on my lap and it became a lovefest. The housecall vet is coming to check her out and give her the SNAP test (Felv/FIV/heartworm) on Thursday.

My neighbor met me halfway after I realized I still needed to get her bed from under my neighbor’s front porch. I specifically gave her that bed so she could get her smell in it and then it could come with her and she would have something familiar. Now she is in the bed most of the time. She is calm and quiet unless I do something near the bathroom door. Then she meows for affection time. I love her but I also have a potential home for her.

Here is a video and photo of her hanging out in the bathroom. The pink sweatshirt on the floor is what I put on my lap when I sit down and pet her on my lap.

Kitty-Kitter in her new bathroom digs


Cindy Moved to the Bedroom

I’m moving Cindy to the bedroom/bathroom area to see if I can keep her away from Wave and also get her scent in a new location. After it is fully scented, then they can trade places to get used to each other more.

I saw the whole process tonight–how an attack happens. Cindy was innocently drinking water. She did not hear Wave come up behind her. He did, and he was so cautious I wanted to let him continue until something changed. He sniffed her side near her butt. She still didn’t realize he was doing anything. He sniffed her butt. That was it! She turned around and saw where the gentle poke was coming from, and in utter fear, tried to bolt.

Of course, he was right there, so the attack and the squalling happened. It was like he was saying, “you’re staying with me–like it or not!”

This used to happen less frequently. The everyday scenarios beg that I move her. And I have.

Kitty-Kitter update: I thought I might get her tonight but my neighbor and I are now planning for next week.

Cindy and Wave: October 11, 2018

Things aren’t getting any better. I was cleaning and having a grand old time in the kitchen. The cats get more used to people noise because I listen to World Cafe on the radio from 9-10 and I clean. I intermittently play and say hi to them. But the activity can often stir up Wave, one of the two who I call “cowardly bullies.”

At some point I noticed Cindy was not in her kitchen carrier where she hangs out. The carriers are her safe spots and I leave the doors open. As soon as I noticed that, I heard the sound of rampaging and a slamming sound–either Wave slamming into her small carrier in the living room or her hitting the fireplace with the board in the front, which is what’s behind that carrier. I got into the living room just in time to see Wave with about an inch-piece of fur hanging from his mouth.

I gave him a time out in the bedroom but he’s more curious than ever about Cindy’s two carriers, like he almost thinks he can go in them too. So far he hasn’t done this. If he did, it would be a disaster.

Positives: I petted Cindy in the morning and at night, and today was the first day she saw a finger approach her cheek and let it stroke her cheek. The Cat Coordinator from Broken Tail knows and Cindy will be moving back to Massachusetts when a spot opens up.

Kitty-Kitter update: I am bringing Kitty-Kitter to the apartment tomorrow!

Kitty-Kitter Video

Shortly after I posted about Kitty-Kitter, I took my phone with me to the porch I feed her on and got a video and some pictures. I love the video.

Tonight, I sat in the chair on the porch (with permission) and Kitty-Kitter made it clear she wanted to get in my lap. I picked her up and put her on my lap and we had a lovefest. She jumped off briefly, then wanted to get back up. I slapped my legs like I do with my kitties and said, “come on up!” and she jumped up. I can’t believe that this sweet cat has been outside for over a year.



I have been feeding a cat that lives under someone’s porch, two blocks down from me. She is a super fluffy long haired black cat. She has a streak of brown on one thigh. She’s shy if I stand up, but now that I’ve been bringing food, she headbutts me and lets me pet her cheeks and back.

I saw her very often when I was taking my evening walks to the park. That’s one reason walks around the neighborhood are so good–you see things and get to know people and maybe can help out. The woman who is her caretaker now was on her porch one time with the kitty. I smiled and said, “I love your feline companion!” She replied back, “Do you want her?”

This is a complicated question! Kitty-Kitter gets dry food and water from her caretaker, and she sleeps under the porch at night. Her caretaker has three cats and another just recently passed away. One cat has severe allergies. She can’t take in another cat. Last winter Kitty-Kitter slept in the basement of an old house that is demolished now.

I’m going to take her in and at the very least give her a spa month or two.