Away from Home

I’m down in Massachusetts for two–count ’em, two!–whole days with my boyfriend and of course, his cats.

Back at home in Maine, Cindy the shy cat is in the general population of 5 in the kitchen-living room combo, and Kitty-Kitter the former stray is in the bedroom-bathroom combo. My sitter is the wonderful lady who was the caretaker for Kitty-Kitter for over a year while she was outdoors. Still, I’m afraid for Cindy at 4am when big Wave gets antsy and wants to chase her and might get his claws into her. But I put her in the playpen with all her stuff and she complained–made it quite clear that she wanted out. I worry and I will worry but unlike previously when I actually lived in the same state as my dear significant other, I insist on sleeping over every now and then here, and traveling.

I can’t get over this shot of him with feline friends Loki and Chaplin:


October 6, 2018 – With my “Away” Kitties

When I go back to my boyfriend’s house, I see my favorite away kitties–Loki and Chaplin. We adopted these kittens together, but they are a state away from me now. Clay is traveling for work and I said I would at least come by on the weekend to provide some much-needed interaction and love. They are being fed by a neighbor.

Clay and I also put this platform setup on the house wall together, way before the big TV you now see blocking a corner of the view:

Loki and Chaplin 1